Bus Service

 Launch of free Chigwell bus service!

Chigwell Parish Council, working in partnership with Epping Forest Community Transport, will be launching its own local bus service on Monday 10th September, to start running on Monday 1st October.. As a direct consequence of the response to the residents' survey sent out several years ago,  the Parish Council has purchased two new Mercedes Sprinter mini-buses which have been converted to our specification and will be providing a free service to the residents of Chigwell.  The buses have been funded by contributions made by developers when they have submitted plans for various developments within the parish, to ensure there is a tangible benefit to the community. The two buses will be operating on different routes during the morning and evening rush-hour periods. Although the provisional timetables published show a number of specific places the buses will stop to pick up/drop off passengers, the buses will operate on a 'hail and ride' basis. This means that the buses will stop for passengers anywhere on the route (with a few exceptions) where it is considered safe to do so. A leaflet with comprehensive details of our new service will be delivered to all residential addresses in the parish during the week starting Saturday 22nd September.

The buses will not stop in Gravel Lane or Turpins Lane, due to the nature of these locations, to ensure that passenger safety is not compromised.

 In addition to the service during the morning and evening rush hour periods, during the off-peak period from 10.00 to 1400 hrs, there will be two options for residents -

1. Epping Forest Community Transport, who operate the buses on our behalf, will offer a 'Dial-a-ride' service to residents, collecting resident's from their home address and taking them to locations requested. This service is intended to assist particularly those who do not have access to their own transport, have mobility issues or do not have access to public transport. The buses are fully equipped for wheelchair access. To use this service, residents will have to register as a member and then make a payment for each journey. For full details on the charges and how to access this service go to the Epping Forest Community Transport website at the following address http://www.efcommunitytransport.co.uk/sample-page/book-a-ride/


2. From Monday 1st October, a specific route around the parish will be followed, using one bus and again operating on a 'Hail-and-ride' basis. Like the rush-hour services, this will be free of charge. 


How to obtain your Chigwell Bus pass.

 To confirm eligibility as a resident of Chigwell to use the free bus service, a pass will be issued that can be shown to the driver.  Producing the pass at the time of boarding will facilitate the prompt departure of the bus. These passes are available from the parish office, Hainault Road, Chigwell IG7 6QZ. You can call in personally, send us an email request, call the parish office on 020 8501 4275 or out of hours drop the necessary details through our letter box and we will sent the pass to you.The passes are issued free of charge. We simply need your name, address and an email contact where possible. During the initial launch period of the service, some discretion will be shown by drivers, whilst the issuing of passes is rolled out.