Bus Timetables



All routes start from outside the Two Brewers Public House in Chigwell Row. During the morning and afternoon peak periods, buses will travel around a common circular route through the parish, one in a clockwise direction, the other in an anti-clockwise direction. When both buses have reached Chigwell Primary School at their scheduled times of 8.40 a.m. during the morning run, both buses will wait there for 15 minutes, to allow parents to drop off children and then to return to the buses to make their journey home. By changing buses, parents will be able to return along the route to where they originated, rather than necessarily continuing in the same bus. A similar arrangement is in place for the afternoon end of school time, when collecting children from school.

For the mid-day off peak period, one bus will operate on a 'figure-of-eight' route around the parish. The bus will alternate the route in a clockwise/anti-clockwise direction, again allowing passengers to travel around the parish, and then return to where they began their journey. 

As we are still in the process of rolling out this service, there may be future changes to timetables to take account of your feedback.