Class 1 - Who we are and what we do

Who is who on the Council?

Council members

Who is who on each committee?

Committee members

Contact Council and the Parish Clerk

Contact details

What does the Parish Council do?

Your Parish Council staff 


Parish Council Staffing Structure

Staff structure


Class 2 - What we spend and how we spend it

Annual Return Form (AGAR)

AGAR Reports 

Report from Auditor

Internal auditor report 

Finalised Budget 2022/23

Parish Precept 2023/24

Financial Regulations 2023

Financial Regulations

Standing Orders



Internal System of Control

Accountability and Transparency





Class 3 - What are our priorities

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Content coming soon

Content coming soon

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Content coming soon

Content coming soon

Class 4 - How we make our decisions

Meeting dates for 2023/24 

Meeting dates

Agendas of Council Meetings



Minutes of Council Meetings



Reports presented to Council meetings

Responses to Consultations

Responses to Planning applications

Class 5 - Our Policies and Procedures

Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy 

Data Retention Policy

Data Retention Policy 

Information and Data Policy

Data Protection Policy


Communication and Media Policy

Media Policy

CCTV Privacy Policy

CCTV Policy 

Grant Application Policy

Grant policy

Council Standing Orders 2023


Terms of Reference for all committees 

Terms of Reference


Delegated Authority for Officers

Code of Member Conduct

Code of Conduct

Staff Employment Policies

Council Finance Regulations 2023


Public Participation


Public Participation


Councillor Co-option Policy

Co-option Policy


Email Usage Policy

Email Policy

Parish Council GDPR Policy

GDPR Policy
Staff Expenses Policy

Expenses Policy

Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Class 6 - Lists and Registers

Land & Asset Register

Asset Register 

Class 7 - The services we offer



Community Hall



Bus shelters

Litter Bins

Burial Fees


Open Spaces

 Elizabeth Meadow

The Paddock