Chigwell Parish SpeedWatch meeting

Victory Hall

5 Jul 22 - 18:00

Worried about speeding? Do you have an hour or two a week free to do something about it?

Come along to the first meeting of the Chigwell Parish Speedwatch Group.  Here you can register your interest and be trained by the police in the use of the Chigwell Parish Speed gun.  Form there, groups of residents can log speeding drivers and collect their details for the police who will contact them.  SpeedWatch operates across the UK and has been shown to reduce speeding.  Now you can help that happen in Chigwell.  Whether you can spare an hour a week or ten is up to you, once trained members can go out when they want to monitor drivers.  Come along on Tuesday 5th July at 6.00pm to Victory Hall in Chigwell to find out more