Your chance to be involved

The Parish Council want to hear from residents.  Whether thoughts about particular proposals for parking, your feedback on traffic and transport or opinions on significant planning proposals, it is important that the Parish hears back from residents.


The Parish is working towards a better Chigwell for all residents and we need your feed back to know what is important for everyone.  Please get engaged and let us hear your voices


Chigwell Parish Council 

Posts on the verges - Barnaby Way, Chigwell

If you are a resident of Barnaby Way or are impacted by the posts that have been installed, please complete the questionnaire here  







Parking - Manor Road, Grange Hill by the Bald Hind

We have had complaints from residents in the stretch of Manor Road near the triangle by the Bald Hind that they struggle to get in and out of their homes due to inconsiderate parking.  

Are you a resident there?  Let us know your thoughts on whether you would welcome parking restrictions - please complete the questionnaire here

EFDC Climate Change Plan What are your thoughts?

Epping Forest District Council declared a climate emergency in September 2019 and made a commitment to do everything within its power to become a carbon neutral District by 2030. To act on this commitment, EFDC have drafted a climate change action plan that is now available for public consultation.  

The consultation for this document will run to 5pm on 26 November 2021.

During this consultation period we are welcoming your views and suggestions on the draft Climate Change Action Plan and we would like to hear about your climate change related experiences and any action you have taken to reduce your own emissions.


Epping Forest District Council Consultation on proposed Market Policy

The Council recognises the important contribution that street markets can make to the local economy and the character of an area. The promotion of markets is an important inclusion in the town centre regeneration projects for Epping, Loughton, Ongar, Waltham Abbey, Buckhurst Hill and the district as a whole.

The consultation will run from Friday 5 November to Sunday 6 December.

We welcome your views on the proposed policy and anyone wishing to comment may do so in writing. For more information please visit