Your chance to be involved

The Parish Council want to hear from residents.  Whether thoughts about particular proposals for parking, your feedback on traffic and transport or opinions on significant planning proposals, it is important that the Parish hears back from residents.


The Parish is working towards a better Chigwell for all residents and we need your feed back to know what is important for everyone.  Please get engaged and let us hear your voices


Chigwell Parish Council 

Have Your Say

Essex Residents’ Panel

The Essex Residents’ Panel are seeking the views of people who care about their local community. They ask for feedback through a maximum of six surveys and engagement exercises a year. This will mostly be online, although there may be some occasions when panel members are invited to take part in research carried out by telephone, in face-to-face focus groups or in one-to-one interviews.

You can choose what you take part in, and you do not have to respond to everything sent to you.

 Learn more or join the panel here.

Have your say on a new political map

A new pattern of wards is being developed for Epping Forest District Council.

The Local Government Boundary Commission has decided that the number of councillors in Epping Forest should be 54. This is a change from the current council which has 58 councillors. 

 The Commission is the independent body that draws these boundaries. It is reviewing Epping Forest to make sure councillors represent about the same number of electors, and that ward arrangements help the council work effectively. It wants to be sure that its proposals reflect community ties and identities

The Commission is interested in views on which communities should be part of the same ward:

Consultation will run until 18 July


The Commission wants to hear what residents and organisations think about their local area. A 10 week consultation on the proposals will run until 18 July 2022.


 Proposals that reflect community ties and identities

  • What facilities do people share, such as parks, leisure centres or schools and shopping areas?
  • What issues do neighbouring communities face that they have in common, such as high numbers of visitors or heavy traffic?
  • Have there been new housing or commercial developments that have changed the focus of communities?
  • And are there roads, rivers, railways or other features that people believe form strong boundaries between neighbourhoods?
The Commission has a dedicated section on its website where people can give their views.  Go to the consultation website
People can also give their views:
  • Post to: Review Officer (Epping Forest), LGBCE, PO Box 133, Blyth NE24 9FE 

The Commission will use local views to help it draw up proposals for new ward boundaries. There will be a further round of consultation once the Commission has drawn up those proposals

Are you aware of repair, reuse and recycling services in your community?

In 2019 Essex County Council launched the Love Essex Fund. The fund supports local organisations, schools and individuals to help promote initiatives to repair, reuse and recycling.

Two and a half years on, they want to find out what the impact has been. Take this quick surveyby 22 May to share your views