Our Staff

 Clerk to the Council and Responsible Financial Officer

The Clerk/RFO is the Proper Officer appointed by a Council resolution to exercise the statutory obligations of the Council and to discharge its functions. The role encompasses working in partnership with the Chairman of the Council to guide and advise the Parish Council on Local Government Policy and other related matters and to oversee the financial matters of the Council. Further responsibilities include the running of Full Council and Planning Committee meetings.  The Clerk is the line manager of all other staff and is the Proper Officer of the Council.  They are responsible for compliance with health and safety, risk management and all other statutory and legal obligations of the Parish as a government body, a custodian of public money and an employer.  The Clerk is also responsible for staff management, Parish administration, financial management and communications

Chigwell Parish Council are currently recruiting to fill the role of Clerk/RFO 



Cemetery Manager

Scott Donovan

Scott Donovan was employed as Cemetery Supervisor in February 2014 and has since been promoted to Cemetery Manager.

Scott has worked for Local Councils for a number of years in a variety of roles.

Following his marriage to a girl from Essex, he moved from South-East London, and joined Loughton Town Council as cemetery supervisor and maintenance man, until a great opportunity arose at Chigwell.

The role of Cemetery Manager is wide, varied and at times challenging. Scott is responsible for not only the cemetery management and overseeing the staff, including the Cemetery and Assets Registrar, but for all our Parish open spaces in Chigwell.  

Scott enjoys working with the public and helping solve problems that may arise. He is very practical, and level-headed. Any job he undertakes is completed to his exacting standards. In 2010 he was a part of the team winning the Customer Care award for The Royal Borough of Greenwich.

Scott is an enthusiastic Formula One, and Manchester United Fan (obviously, being born and bred in South-east London), and enjoys all types of music. He has a growing family, and enjoys his free time with them.

Since taking up the post he has furthered his knowledge attending numerous courses to maintain and extend his excellent standards. He continues to build on the developments at the cemetery and enjoys being part of the team at Chigwell.



Scott Donovan

To contact Scott you can email him at Scott.donovan@chigwellparishcouncil.gov.uk


Cemetery Supervisor


 Samuel Warren 

Sam joined the Parish Council on 15th May 2017as an apprentice and on completing his training was taken on by the Parish as a full time horticulturalist with responsibility for maintaining the open spaces around Chigwell that the Parish own such as Station Green and the cemetery..  Sam lives in Romford with his family. Sam describes himself as highly motivated and keen to help people.

Sam is a football fan who supports Arsenal, and also enjoys Formula One motorsport. 


Administration Assistant 

The Administration Assistant Lynda is generally the first point of contract for anyone coming into or calling the Parish office.  Further responsibilities include formulating and distributing agendas and minutes and updating the website. Other tasks one might expect within a busy local government office include the preparation of correspondence and other documentation as requested by Parish Councillors.  Lynda prepares many of the responses made by the Parish Council to external public enquiries relating to a wide variety of issues and reports, investigates and informs the interested parties, whether they are Chigwell residents, local businesses or Parish Councillors themselves. These matters include planning enquiries, highway defects, illegal dumping, noise pollution and other environmental/street scene issues

Finance Officer - Part time