Our Staff

Cemetery Manager

Scott Donovan

Scott Donovan worked for local councils for several years before joining us in Chigwell in February 2014. The role of Cemetery Manager is wide, varied and at times challenging. Scott is responsible for not only the cemetery management and overseeing the staff, including the Cemetery and Assets Registrar, but with Sam our horticulturist, for all our Parish open spaces in Chigwell.  

Scott enjoys working with the public and helping solve problems that may arise. He is very practical, and level-headed. Any job he undertakes is completed to his exacting standards as was seen when he was a part of the team winning the Customer Care award for The Royal Borough of Greenwich.

Since taking up the post he has furthered his knowledge attending numerous courses to maintain and extend his excellent standards. He continues to build on the developments at the cemetery and enjoys being part of the team at Chigwell

Scott is an avid fan of Formula One and Manchester United (being born and bred in South-East London). He also has a passion for all genres of music. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his growing family.

Scott has attended numerous courses to maintain and enhance his skills since taking up his current position. He is committed to the development of the cemetery and takes pleasure in being part of the team at Chigwell.



Scott Donovan

To contact Scott you can email him at Scott.donovan@chigwellparishcouncil.gov.uk


Financial Officer

Olga Linkeviciene

Olga is responsible for managing the financial affairs of a parish council. Her primary duties include maintaining accurate records of all financial transactions, preparing budgets and financial reports, processing invoices and payments, and managing the council's bank accounts. She also work closely with the Finance and Governance Committee to ensure that funds are allocated appropriately and that the council is operating within its budget. In addition to financial management, Olga has been invaluable in setting up a risk management system fo the Council - she is critical to the smooth and effective functioning of the parish council.

Cemetery and Open Spaces Supervisor

Sam joined the Parish Council on 15th May 2017 as an apprentice and on completing his training was taken on by the Parish as a full time horticulturalist with responsibility for maintaining the open spaces around Chigwell that the Parish own such as Station Green and the cemetery. Sam lives near Chelmsford with his partner and describes himself as highly motivated and keen to help people.

Sam is a football fan who supports Arsenal, and also enjoys Formula One motorsport. 


Cemetery Registrar


Toni Slade

Toni, the Cemetery Registrar at Chigwell Parish Council cemetery, plays a crucial role in managing the cemetery's operations. Her primary responsibility is to ensure that all burial arrangements are handled efficiently and sensitively. Toni is the first point of contact for families who are arranging a funeral, and she helps them with everything from selecting a plot to organising the burial service. She also assists with the completion of necessary paperwork and ensures that all legal requirements are met.

In addition to her duties with regard to burials, Toni works with Scott and Sam, ensuring that the cemetery is kept clean and tidy at all times. Toni also liaises with families who wish to place memorials or other tributes in the cemetery, ensuring that all rules and regulations are followed. Overall, Toni's role as cemetery registrar is a vital one, and she works tirelessly to ensure that our cemetery is a peaceful and respectful final resting place for the departed.

Clerk to the Council and Responsible Financial Officer

The role of a Parish Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer (RFO) is crucial in ensuring the smooth functioning of a local parish council. The Clerk is responsible for carrying out administrative tasks such as recording minutes of meetings, maintaining financial records, responding to correspondence, and managing the day-to-day operations of the council. They act as the primary point of contact between the council, local residents, and other authorities. Additionally, the Clerk/RFO is ultimately responsible for managing the council's finances, including budgeting, monitoring accounts, and ensuring compliance with financial regulations. The Clerk/RFO's role is essential in ensuring that the council operates within budgetary constraints and makes sound financial decisions for the benefit of the community. A competent Clerk/RFO can make a significant difference in the effectiveness of a local council. They are responsible for ensuring that council meetings are properly organised and that decisions are accurately recorded and implemented. They also play a crucial role in ensuring that council policies and procedures comply with relevant legislation, regulations, and codes of practice. Furthermore, the Clerk/RFO is responsible for ensuring that the council's budget is appropriately managed, and that the council remains financially stable. They are required to have a strong understanding of local government finance and the ability to communicate complex financial information to councillors and other stakeholders. Ultimately, the role of a Clerk/RFO is to support the council in serving its local community effectively and efficiently.

Chigwell Parish Council are currently recruiting to fill the role of Clerk/RFO


Administration Assistant


Jacquie Barrett

Jacquie is typically the initial point of contact for residents reaching out to the Council. In addition to this role, she is also responsible for creating and circulating agendas and minutes, as well as updating the website. As expected in a busy local government office, she handles tasks such as preparing correspondence and other requested documents for Parish Councillors. Jacquie is responsible for crafting many of the responses that the Parish Council sends to external public inquiries on a variety of topics. This includes investigating and informing interested parties such as Chigwell residents, local businesses, or Parish Councillors themselves on issues such as planning, highway defects, illegal dumping, noise pollution, and other environmental or street scene concerns. 

Cleaning Supervisor


Jamie Knight

Jamie works tirelessly as a cleaner for Chigwell Parish Council, responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of various facilities including the offices, cemetery buildings, and community hall areas. Jamie plays a crucial role in ensuring that these public spaces are clean, hygienic, and safe for everyone to use. This involves carrying out a range of cleaning tasks such as sweeping, mopping, dusting, and vacuuming to keep these areas free of dirt, dust, and debris. Jamie also ensures that the restrooms and kitchen areas are clean and well-stocked with essential supplies such as toilet paper, hand soap, and cleaning products.

In addition to routine cleaning tasks, Jamie is also responsible for reporting any maintenance issues or damage to the facilities to the appropriate personnel. This ensures that any repairs or replacements can be carried out promptly, minimising any disruption to the daily operations of the Parish Council and community hall. Overall, Jamie's role as a cleaner is essential to maintaining a clean and welcoming environment for staff, visitors, and members of the local community who use these facilities for various events and activities.